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Taste Of The Wild Dog Food

As the name suggests, Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food is a dog food that is based almost exclusively on foods that can be found naturally in the wild. This is the ideal approach to any dog food, as it means you will be providing your dog with natural ingredients that they will have evolved to thrive on.

The closest natural relative to your dog is a wolf. Wolves of course prey primarily on animal sources of protein and wouldn’t have eaten dog snacks, additives or sugars. When you take your dog out of its natural habitat and start feeding it processed, preserved foods, that’s when health problems are introduced. So is Taste of the Wild a good dog food that you can use to solve this issue?

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As mentioned, the big advantage of this product is that it is made used entirely natural foods sourced from the wild. That means your dog will be eating natural meats like bison and venison, boar, lamb, salmon or wildfowl – you can choose which flavor works best for your dog.

The ingredients also include a lot of additional natural elements too, such as fruits and vegetables.

What Makes It Different?

This is one of the most nutritious dog foods currently on the market. The inclusion of more exotic meats is a great start and will help your dog to get amino acids and minerals that it couldn’t get from regular chicken and beef. At the same time, the fruits and vegetables are packed with antioxidants to help combat cancer and vitamins to strengthen the immune system. The food is also grain free of course, to reduce the likelihood of allergies.

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And you know what? Dogs love this kind of food precisely because it’s natural. And that should tell you something…


As is usually the case, Taste of the Wild comes in a variety of quantities, allowing you to buy in bulk and make savings. The best deal is a 30-pound package which will cost just under $50. That’s a bit more than you often get with grain-free dog foods.

Potential Drawbacks

While this food is packed with goodness in part thanks to the inclusion of fruits and vegetables, it’s important to note that these are not a natural part of a dog’s diet. For some, that makes them a more controversial choice. It’s also worth mentioning that the larger number of ingredients will make this product ill-suited for trying to identify problem ingredients in your dog’s diet.

This is best then for a healthy dog that you want to be even healthier!

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Overall, this is a particularly nutritious and tasty treat for any dog. It’s packed with exotic, wild ingredients and is the closest thing to a ‘Paleo’ meal for dogs. It comes highly recommended and is excellent value for money too.

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