Dogs Paws on a Weight Scale

The Importance of Selecting The Best Dog Food For Weight Loss

Dogs are our best friends, not to mention they are loving and loyal, which makes it important for us to be responsible for their health and well-being. Ensuring your dog get the best diet, exercise and attention is paramount for their safety and wellness.

This may sound surprising, but it is important to understand that obesity isn't just a health condition that human being have to worry about. Sure, it is an epidemic in the US, but did you know that more than 50% of dogs are also affected by obesity in the US? Weight issues in dogs can give birth to a plethora of different healthy complications in the animal, which is why treating them to the best dog food for weight loss is so utterly important.

Giving them optimal and healthy foods to help them lose weight is important to enable them to jump back to their feet, start running around and actively engage in playful activities. If your dog has become overweight, there are a multitude of health problems he can develop. For example, an overweight or obese pooch can develop conditions like painful arthritis, heart problems, respiratory dysfunction, bladder cancer and even diabetes.

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For the pooch who has become overweight, his lack of ability in participating in healthy activities and playing games with your can lead him into becoming depressed and inactive in the long-run, which is dangerous.

Some Serious Consequences Obesity in Dogs

There is no doubt that a majority of people pay no attention to the risks associated with their dog's weight problem.

This is no laughing matter, you have to understand that if your dog is overweight or obese, his life expectancy will significantly drop - and according to research, professionals state that an obese dog's life expectancy can be cut short by two years! But if this isn't enough to get the point across, mentioned below are some very serious medical conditions your dog can develop:

  • A weak immune system
  • Respiratory complications
  • ​Cardiovascular complications
  • ​Risk of dying of heat stroke
  • ​Pancreatic issues
  • ​Skin allergies and diseases
  • ​Mammary tumors
  • ​Hypertension and high blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • ​Weakened bone structure
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Popularity of Weight Loss Foods For Dogs

Best dog food for weight loss have become considerably popular over the years primarily due to the fact that they are made with natural ingredients, not to mention lean proteins that can help the dog get the energy it requires along with helping him to loss fat. It is important to understand that helping your dog loss even a single pound can make a great different in his health.

The best thing about weight loss dog food is that they are designed to have limited calories and healthy balance of the right nutrition. For example, premium dog foods that promote weight loss contain:

  • Lean proteins
  • Loads of fatty acids
  • ​Essentials minerals and vitamins
  • Fiber (which keeps the dog feeling fuller)
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Combined, these important nutrients can help you dog combat several deficiencies as well promote weight loss.

The Different Causes of Weight Gain in Your Dog

Increased fat in your dog can cause significant weight gain. Excessive munching on snacks and a lack of proper exercise can lead to this problem. However, there are a couple of other reasons as well. Mentioned below are some causes of weight loss you should be aware of:

  • His Age - Dogs that are older become less active, which means they have less energy to exercise.
  • Dog Breed - Different dog breeds are subject to gaining more weight than others. For example, Labradors, Cavalier King, Charles spaniels and Cocker are some of those breeds.
  • Spaying or Neutering - According to several clinical studies, professional have determined the fact that dogs that are neutered show a decreased metabolism and don't require that many calories.
  • Health Problems - In a handful of cases, a dog's medical condition can also lead it to gaining more weight - particularly if he is on certain medications.
  • Overfeeding - Dogs that have access to a big supply of food all day eat more than they should, resulting in obesity.
  • Negative Calories - A majority of commercial dog foods are laced with excessive salts and fat, which leads to your dog eating more and more.
  • Limited Exercise - A dog that eats a lot and does not exercise will gain excessive weight.
  • Inappropriate Feed Routine - Foods that you eat, when given to a dog right of the table, and on a daily basis, can lead to weight gain.
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The Best Dog Food For Weight Loss You Should Opt For

How Can I Tell if my Dog is Overweight?

Dogs have an appropriate weight, which is in accordance to their size as well as their breed. The best way to determine whether or not your dog is overweight or on the edge of obesity is by taking him to the vet. A professional and certified vet can evaluate and examine the health of your dog and tell if its fat or not.

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Plus, your vet can even teach how you can determine if your dog is overweight or not. In light of this, mentioned below are some really interesting way you can determine that:

  • Run your hand over the your dog's side and if you don't feel the ribs, he is getting fat
  • Disproportionate waist
  • ​You need to loosen his collar
  • ​Not being able to walk as he did before
  • ​Sluggish movement
  • ​Shortness of breath
  • ​Increased agitation and short temperedness
  • Your dog sleeps a lot

There is no question that the right type of nutrition will enable your dog to feel healthy and lose weight. This is why it is so important to feed him a low fat or a low calorie diet. Plus, whenever you go to select a dog food for weight loss, look for products that are high in fiber.

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