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Best Dog Food for Your Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are a very small breed with unique nutritional needs. Trying to feed them the same stuff you would feed to a Rottweiler will not allow them to reach their optimal health.

In this quick guide you’ll learn more about what a Yorkshire Terrier needs most in their diet, what health problems you should be most aware of as you choose their diet, and our top 2 picks for best dog food for Yorkshire Terriers.

Yorkshire Terrier Basic Nutritional Needs

Your Yorkie should have a high protein, high fat diet to help prevent and manage hypoglycemia. These two nutrients help keep blood sugar levels more stable. Carbs burn too quickly causing sharp spikes and equally sharp drops which will make a hypoglycemic pooch very sick.

Cute Yorkie Puppy Eyes

Fat is also important for keeping that long Yorkie coat shiny and smooth. Look for healthy fats from fish, olive, or nuts. You don’t have to completely cut out carbs but definitely make sure that any carbs present are from complex carb sources (such as sweet potatoes, whole grains, and so on).

Common Health Problems

Not every Yorkshire Terrier will experience all or any of these conditions but they are at higher risk for them so it’s good as an owner to be aware of them.

  • This is extremely common among many toy dog breeds (like the Yorkshire Terrier). In the majority of cases, symptoms appears within the first 4 months of life so you’ll know if your dog has it pretty quickly. Symptoms include fainting, lack of coordination, weakness, shaking, fatigue, lethargy, and a rapid drop in body temperature. If you notice these symptoms, your puppy’s blood sugar has dropped to dangerously low levels. Immediately rub honey on his gums and then provide him with some food or a treat.
  • Legg-Perthes Disease. This is also fairly common in Yorkshire Terriers. It’s a condition in which the hip joint and thigh bone weaken due to poor circulation. Symptoms include limping, tenderness in the area, and dragging the leg behind him because he is unable to move it.

Yorkshire Terrier Lying Next to a Bowl

While there is no 100% guaranteed prevention method, a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise are your best defense against illness. Making sure your Yorkshire Terrier is getting the nutrients it needs to keep its body strong will give him a much better chance of fighting off any illnesses that try to harm him.

Basic Feeding Guidelines

Follow these basic guidelines for nourishing your Yorkshire Terrier:

  • Freshly weaned puppies (from about 8 weeks to 3 months old). 200 calories per day. They should be free fed, meaning there should always be food out and available for them to eat. This is because you want them to gain enough wait before you put them on a portioned diet.
  • Young Yorkshire Terriers from 3 months to 1 year, especially while being potty trained. 150-200 calories per day. They should have their food divided into 3-4 small meals so that you can better predict their bowel movements while potty training.
  • Dogs from 1 year onward. 120-150 calories per day. They can have their food divided into just 2 separate meals per day.

When switching to a different brand, always do it gradually to avoid digestive problems. Start by mixing about 20% of the new food with 80% of the old brand of food and gradually increase the amount of new food over the course of about 3-4 weeks.

Top 2 Best Dog Food for Yorkshire Terriers

Royal canin Breed Health Nutrition Yorkshire Terrier

Royal Canin makes a lot of great breed specific dog foods that cater to the unique needs of each breed.

Royal Canin Dog Food for Yorkshire Terriers

This one is rich in the healthy fats your dog needs and has a kibble shaped to perfectly suit your dog’s jaw shape and size. It is for adults, though, so hold off until they are at least 1 year old to start them on this food.

EUKANUBA Breed Specific Dry Dog Food

The EUKANUBA food for Yorkshire Terriers is also rich in essentially healthy fats and also contains other vitamins and minerals that your Yorkie needs for their coat.

EUKANUBA Dog Food for Yorkshire Terriers

It’s also rich in protein sourced from lean chicken meat.It does use corn which is not the best carb but there is also plenty of whole grains as well so they make up for it.

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