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Best Dog Food for Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds have a strong, muscular physique which requires the right balance of nutrients to maintain. They are also one of the more active breeds so they will need more than some of the lazier dogs.

Learn more about what your German Shepherd needs and find out how you can make sure he is getting the very best in nutrition.

German Shepherd Basic Nutritional Needs

German Shepherds need a high protein diet to nourish their muscles. This is especially true of puppies who are still growing. Try to make sure at least 25-30% of your German Shepherd’s calories are from protein.

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Right below protein is fat. This is extremely important for their skin and coat. Plus, high fat foods taste better so your dog will be more interested in their food. Aim for about 15-20% of calories coming from healthy sources of fat like fish oil or plant oils (except for corn).

Common Health Problems

Here are a few of the health problems you should look out for in your German Shepherd:

  • Bone and joint problems: German Shepherds are prone to a lot of bone and joint problems like hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia. These are genetic so they can’t be prevented but you can manage them effectively with a diet high in calcium and other important nutrients for their bones.
  • Skin problems: this breed experiences a lot of skin problems which is why it’s so important to make sure there is plenty of fat in their diet. You should also examine their skin and coat on a weekly basis to check for signs of irritation or infection.
  • Digestive problems: German Shepherds often have sensitive tummies. So while you are still searching for the right food, monitor their bowel movements and behavior closely to look for symptoms like diarrhea, constipation, lack of appetite, bloated abdomen, and discomfort. Work with a vet to try and isolate what is causing the digestive distress so you can eliminate it from their diet.

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While there is no 100% guaranteed prevention method, a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of exercise are your best defense against illness. Making sure your German Shepherd is getting the nutrients it needs to keep its body strong will give him a much better chance of fighting off any illnesses that try to harm him.

Basic Feeding Guidelines

Follow these tips to make sure you are feeding your German Shepherd well:

  • An adult German Shepherd needs somewhere between 870 and 1,370 calories per day depending on how active he is.
  • This should be divided into a minimum of two separate meals but we recommend feeding him 3 separate meals as he is prone to bloat.
  • Consider a homemade diet. This is the easiest way to avoid the fillers and unhealthy ingredients found in many commercial brands. And by the time you’re shopping for the more expensive, high quality commercial brands, you’re spending about the same as you would if you were to just prepare their meals yourself from fresh, wholesome ingredients.
  • While searching for the right food and the right diet, give any given diet or regime at least 6 weeks to start working before you decide to scrap it and try something else.

When switching to a different brand, always do it gradually to avoid digestive problems. Start by mixing about 20% of the new food with 80% of the old brand of food and gradually increase the amount of new food over the course of about 3-4 weeks.

Top 2 Best Dog Food for German Shepherds

Wellness CORE Grain Free Original Turkey & Chicken Natural Dry Dog Food

Wellness CORE is an absolutely wonderful high protein recipe. And the lack of grains is ideal for any dogs with a sensitive stomach since grains are often the culprit in digestive distress for dogs.

Wellness CORE German Shepherd Food

It’s also rich in calcium, chondroitin, and glucosamine—all of which are essential for strong bone and joint health. And it’s even got a blend of fish and flax oil to help provide a healthy skin and coat. As far as commercial brand dog foods go, this is probably our favorite for German Shepherds.

Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition German Shepherd

Royal Canin recipe is designed with the German Shepherd’s sensitive digestive system in mind. It’s also enriched with the vitamins and minerals necessary for bone and joint health.

Royal Canin Food for Adult German Shepherd

Plus, it’s high in fats to help prevent skin problems and keep the coat shiny. It’s an all-around excellent balance.

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