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Cesar Classics Adult Wet Dog Food

If you’re like other dog owners, you’re probably looking for a wet food that is going to satisfy your little buddy but also provides him with the nutrition he needs to stay healthy.

Hey, we’ve all been there—we go down the pet aisle at our grocery store (or even worse, into one of those large pet stores!) and we just pick any old dog food that is either on sale, or it sounds like a good flavor combination. It can be frustrating trying to choose which one is going to give your pup everything that he needs.

Well, have you ever seen that Cesar Classic wet dog food commercial on television? The little white dog is just so darned happy to get his dinner! Heck, if it tastes as good as it looks, it’s no wonder that the little guy wants to scarf it down. That delicious and nutritious dog food that you’ve been looking for has been right in front of your face each time you go down that aisle!

In this review, we’re going to talk about the nutritious value this brand gives your dog, but also talk about how other dog’s reception. Together, we hope that you’ll have enough information and insight to decide if it is something your dog may enjoy.

About The Dog Food

The Cesar brand dog food is made by Mars Petcare and all the products are manufactured in facilities all around the United States. The company has annual sales of $30 billion dollars, and the main headquarters is located in Franklin, Tennessee. Other products the Mars company makes include Pedigree dog foods, Nutro dog foods, and Royal Canin Pet Foods.

Dog Food Brands Owned by Mars Pet Co

Originally, Cesar Cuisine Dog foods started with a pate formula. However they’ve expanded to include gourmet cuts of meat in a savory sauce, treats, canned meaty selects, sunrise breakfast, and dog food specifically intended for puppies or seniors.

If you are ordering your dog food through Amazon, you’ll see that for a variety pack, you will receive 24 3.5 ounce cans for about $15 (or $20 when the item isn’t on sale). That may seem like a great deal at $0.67 per can. There are numerous flavors you can choose from, which is great if your dog is picky about what they eat. Some flavors include:

  • T-Bone Steak Flavor
  • With Chicken & Beef
  • Porterhouse Steak Flavor
  • ​Filet Mignon
  • With Beef
  • Prime Rib
  • Top Sirloin Flavor
  • With Lamb
  • ​Pork Tenderloin Flavor
  • ​Grilled Chicken Flavor
  • With Chicken & Liver
  • With Chicken & Veal

Nutritional Value

When you look at the ingredient list of the dog food, the first ingredient is water, which doesn’t have any nutritional value. Manufacturers tend to put water in their wet food to help keep the moist. However, we feel that 82% moisture is a bit overkill.

The second ingredient is beef by-products. This is where there should be a red flag raised, as “by-products” indicate that the food isn’t made with natural cuts of meat, but instead waste left over after the cow has had all its edible muscle taken. While this doesn’t mean there are hair, horns, hooves, or teeth in it, it could contain other parts. We also want to mention that while there are the essential amino acids your dog needs in the by-products, we don’t feel that they are quality products.

The third ingredient in the dog food is animal liver. Liver generally a quality product, however, the source of that liver isn’t specified by the company, so there is no way of knowing the quality to judge.

Cesar Wet Dog Food

The fourth ingredient is meat by-products. Again, like with beef by-products, it may have all the amino acids, but it isn’t a quality product. Perhaps the scariest part is that the specific meat isn’t even named. It could literally be any type of meat.

What Others Say About Cesar Classic

When you look at the reviews of this product on Amazon, you’ll see that 88% of customers gave the product 4 or 5-star reviews. Of these reviews, many of them state that their dogs enjoy the food. Although this food is intended for smaller dogs, one customer shared that her large dogs enjoy the food as a snack. Another customer said that this was the only food their miniature schnauzer would eat. Pretty good endorsement, right?


On the other end of those praises, 12% of customers left 3 stars or lower reviews. Of these less than stellar reviews, some customers have shared that the dog didn’t want anything to do with the food. Another customer shared a horror story—three of their dogs had an allergic reaction to the food, one of them almost died from that reaction! Scary!


When it comes to giving our dogs food, we only want to give them the best. Since you’re reading this review, we know that you are a concerned puppy parent and wishes to be well informed before making a decision in regards to what you feed your pup.

Our recommendation with this product is to be wary of the ingredients. If your dog has allergies, you’ll certainly want to read through to make sure there isn’t something in there that they could be allergic to. However, it may be hard to do that because the ingredient list may contain unspecified ingredient sources, like “meat by-products.”

However, we can’t give it our full stamp of approval, simply because the ingredients are the best, but they will do. If there is any light at the end of the tunnel, at least this brand has never had any quality control problems, and there haven't been any recalls by the FDA. So, there’s a plus!

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