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The Top Ten List of Smartest Dog Breeds

The Top Ten Smartest Dog Breeds

Deciding upon the proper dog for you and your family could be tasking, there are many aspects you should take into account. Even as considering loyalty, skills for shedding and the form of recreation required

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Sick Dog

Common Dog Diseases And How To Prevent Them

At times disease gets out of hand when left untreated, they develop into infections that are fatal unless early treatment had been administered. In most cases, untreated infections tend to lead to death,

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Group of dogs

The 10 Best Guard Dogs For Home Security

Guard dogs are an exceptional option to help keep your residence risk-free. Not only are they excellent at protecting household individuals, however they support to fend off intruders to your residence. Before

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Dog Drinking from a faucet

Your Ultimate Guide to Excessive Thirst in Dogs

Have you found yourself refilling your dog’s water bowl too frequently? Most furry friends need about an ounce of fluids per pound of bodyweight. While, highly active or lactating dogs may drink more

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Puppy Looking Through a Window

7 Tips for Dealing with Dogs Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs can be a serious problem that causes stress to both you and your dog. If left untreated, it can also start to cause serious health problems as some of the destructive habits

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Golden Retriever Running with a Ball

Getting to Know Your Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are a popular breed in the United States and it’s easy to see why. They are smart, loyal, and lovable dogs with a beautiful golden coat. But before you run out to get your very own

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Labrador Retriever with Leash in Grass

Getting to Know Your Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are some of the most loyal and friendly dogs out there. And they can make an excellent family pet. But before you make a commitment, you should know what to expect. Read through this

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German Shepherd Puppy Running

Getting to Know Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are smart, loyal, and hard working. They also make great companions and can fit in well with a family. Of course, owning a dog is a real responsibility and the German Shepherd comes with

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Pug Carrying a Bone

Getting to Know Your Pug

These little squish faced clowns of the dog world are a popular breed and it’s easy to see why. They are relatively low maintenance and they have a great personality. However, they are prone to a few

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Rottweiler Puppy with a Flower

Getting to Know Your Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a strong and loyal breed but there size and needs can make them a bit high maintenance. If you’re willing to put in the effort to care for them, you will be rewarded with an affectionate

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Yorkshire Terrier in Grass

Getting to Know Your Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are adorable little pups with big personalities. They are the most popular among the toy dog breeds in the United States. Known as “Yorkie” for short, they can be great dogs to own

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Cocker Spaniel in Grass

Getting to Know Your Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniels are a beautiful and extremely lovable breed. They have many wonderful qualities that make them great pets but there are some things (like grooming) that require a little more care than

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Bulldog Standing in Grass

Getting to Know Your Bulldog

We have to admit that bulldogs get a bad rap but the truth is, they couldn’t be a more gentle and loving breed. Read this guide to learn more about this misunderstood breed and decide whether or not

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Boxer Puppy on Grass

Getting to Know Your Boxer

Boxers are a beautiful and impressive looking breed. Despite their reputation as guard dogs, these guys tend to be wonderfully sweet and playful. However, they can be a little overly excited sometimes

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Little Beagle on Grass

Getting to Know Your Beagle

Beagles are adorable and very fun dogs to own but they can be on the energetic side. Make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you make your final decision on what breed you

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