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Opting For The Best Deshedding Tool For Dogs

One of the most annoying problems dog owners have to face is to deal with all the hair sticking everywhere in their homes. Almost all dogs shed hair, it is a natural process irrespective of their health and breed.

On top of that, there are so many breeds that have excessive hair, while other don't have a thick coat of fur, the point is you are going to have to deal with deshedding. Furthermore, there isn't anything anyone do to stop to stop our dogs from shedding. This is where it is so important to select the best deshedding tool for dogs.

For dogs it is natural to lose hair, damaged or loose hair will fall of regardless of anything. Although the process is harmless for the dog, it can be particularly daunting for you to deal with all the hair sticking on your upholstery, everything in your room and pretty much your house. But the frequency through which dogs shed hair largely depends on the breed type and its overall health.

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Shedding can also be caused by a change in the weather or the season. For example, some breeds naturally develop a thicker coat of fur when winter comes, and they shed hair when spring arrives.

However, dogs that are mostly kept inside the house are subject to frequently shedding hair, as they develop a minor fluctuation in the thickness of their coats, which means they shed hair throughout the year.

Although you cannot do anything to stop a dog from shedding, you can something to help it minimize it. Mentioned below are some importance tips you should follow:

Tips to Reduce Dog Shedding

  • Brush your Dog more Often - There are best deshedding tool for dogs you can use to frequently brush your dog's coat. The more hair you're able to successful remove, the less he will shed.
  • So, when winter or spring is on the horizon (both which are shedding seasons), it is important to brush your dog twice every week at minimum. Pomeranians, Shetland Sheepdogs and Huskies for example, have a thicker coat. So, buy an appropriate grooming or shedding tool designed for double coated dogs.
  • Wash your Dog Frequently - This is one of the best ways of minimizing dog shedding. If your dog sheds excessively, it is important to give him a bath twice every month. Use a good dog shampoo to ensure his coat is soft, shinier and easy to brush after your dry him.
  • Blow Drying - After the bath is over, properly dry him using a fresh towel and use a hair dryer to dry all his fur. Be careful not to use hot air, adjust the setting to warm and blow dry his coat. As it become drier, use a brush to de-tangle hair. Also, remember to brush the hair from his skin, this way you will be able to take off the most hair.
  • Brush after the Coat is Completely Dry - After initially brushing him, do it again as soon as all the fur is dried off. This is where a lot of hair will come off, if you don't you might have to spend the next hour so cleaning it off your carpets and couches.
  • Clipping - If you live a hot region and have a dog that has excessive hair or a double coat, it is important to take him for quarterly clipping and grooming. Ask the professional groomer to trim his hair, shortening the coat. This really helps with deshedding.
  • Check for Fleas and Allergies - If you see your dog uncontrollably scratching himself, spreading his hair all around your home, he might just have fleas or may be suffering with a skin allergy. Immediately take him to a vet for examination.

The Best Deshedding Tools For Dogs

If you love your dog and absolutely hate the hair mess he makes, it is time you buy the right deshedding tools to minimize his shedding. These are specialized brushes and hair removal tools that are designed to efficiently and effectively remove loose and broken hair for your dog's coat.

Dog Brushed with Koodella Dog Brush for Shedding with Self-Cleaning Button

Thanks to technology, you will never require to collect a whole assortment of different dog brushes and combs to take care of his shedding. In fact, a lot of professional dog groomers incorporate the use of the same tools easily available in the market. In light of this, mentioned below are various deshedding tools you can choose from:

  • Wide-toothed Dog Hair Combs - These combs are designed with teeth that are widely placed apart.
  • Metal Slicker Brush - These come in a rectangular shape and are fitted with tiny metal tines that help shed hair reach deep inside the coat.
  • Metal Combs with Blade attached on the Handle - These are some of the newer tools launched, and can help to quickly get rid of broken hair and should be used after you give your dog a bath.

Choosing a Deshedding Tool

The best way to choose a deshedding tool for your dog is to first gauge the type of coat he has. If he has a double coat or has excessive hair, it is important to go for sturdier tools like the wide-toothed comb, which can reach detangle and get rid of broken hair. However, the best way to determine anything is to consult with a professional vet.

FURminator deShedding Tool for Dogs

Top 5 Choices of Effective Dog Deshedding Tools Available:

So, now you know how to save time and help your dog reduce his shedding.

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